5 Brilliant Times to Fit in Some Reading

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day!

It’s the middle of the week and I literally cannot get a better view of the weekend from up here (get it, hump day, we’re on a hump? Haha, I know! I’m so funny!)

On a more relevant note, the aim of my blog is to share all sorts of stories around the world to increase curiosity for books and in turn influence reading. There’s so many brilliant books out there waiting to be read, and very much untouched. Poor lonely things. They just want a good home! Anyways, the idea of sharing books is great. I like that I can provide access to different books by just leaving them there out in the wilderness, for another to pick up and enjoy.

Besides not having access to read books or books being expensive AF sometimes (not mine, I got all these babies on sale), another barrier between eyes and words on paper is having actual time to sit down and read. Especially if you have to adult. That stuff is hard.

Sooooooo, I thought I would provide the world with some awesome but very basic tips on times that you can allocate to read if you’re a bookworm and a busy bee at the same time, just like me. Here is 5 brilliant times to take a chill pill, pick up your favourite book, or one of my wandering books if you find it, and give your eyes and mind some needed exercise:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.54.07 pm.png

  • On public transport – I know, it’s literally common sense to utilise this void. What better time to read a book right? Especially if you’re an anti-social person and want an excuse to not have to communicate with the person sitting next to you. A book is a great distraction from our abomination of a society and a great excuse to ignore humans.
  • Before bed – on an actual serious note, it is probably better for you to read a book before you go to sleep rather than scrolling through Instagram. It will allow you to fall asleep much easier as social media is kind of designed to keep you focused and alert (the internet says so, and I would know, I’m awake in front of a screen at 1:15am right now trying to finish this blog post).
  • While you’re out and about – this could be anywhere from a cafe to a beach, especially if you’re trying to allocate some time to enjoy yourself and relax. It could be a great tool to help yourself wake up as you order coffee to function at an ungodly hour. Reading might get your brain ready to function for the day (I know that I seem like I’m contradicting myself with my last point but trust me, I’ve tried both and it works. It’s magic).
  • During your lunch break – I can hear everyone saying right now “Oh my god you’re kidding me, my brain actually wants to have a break!”. It’s alright, I don’t actually expect anyone to take this one up, it’s more so for the hardcore readers like myself.
  • While you’re doing housework – So it seems silly, but I find myself making excuses to procrastinate while the washing machine or dishwasher is on, or while my dinner is in the oven. So why not productively procrastinate? Pick up that book, get reading while you wait for the housework to do itself and I guarantee you’ll be guilt free!

So there you guys have it, those are my top times for reading.

How do you fit reading into your day? Leave a comment below to share!


Happy reading!


Kat xx

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