About After Alice


This is just a short-ish review on the current book of the week, After Alice by Gregory Maguire. I’ll be straight up, I don’t usually write reviews, but my blog is about books, and sharing them with the world. I thought it best that I do write a little something, even if it is amateur. It will not include a rating though, just my thoughts on the book. 🙂

I love fiction. It always take’s me somewhere magical, and far from reality, making me feel a part of it’s world. Maguire’s writing takes me to Wonderland, immersing me in a world of mystery and imagination. I love the different characters and the interaction played throughout. I quite like seeing things from Ada’s point of view, a non-imaginative girl who explores such creative endeavours that you wouldn’t usually observe from that type of character.

I think the biggest thing that I don’t like about this book, is that it’s quite hard to read. I really struggled with finishing this book and I actually have no idea why. I think it might be the way it is written, or even the fact that I find myself a bit lost in the tenses, as I struggle to keep up with some of the characters in the book at certain stages.

Overall I think it is a great book, though I probably would recommend taking your time to read it. Rushing through it made me tired. Though if you’re used to reading classic literature you might find it a breeze. 🙂


Now, time to send it out into the world! It’s all packaged (I put the books in zip lock bags to prevent water damage), ready to go! Stay tuned, on Sunday I’ll post where I left this treasure.

If you find this book I hope you enjoy Ada’s world as much as I did. 🙂





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