This Week’s Book (#2)

I spent all weekend on selecting this week’s book. Why? To be completely honest I’m just an indecisive person. At last, I have made the decision to read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.


I think I was so indecisive on this book because I have tried reading it before and only got a few chapters in before I put it down. At the time I wasn’t quite acquainted with the older style of writing as I am now. I would usually read fiction books such as the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas or Lesley Pearse books. For this blog I am extending my reading range to include all sorts of reads from biographies to short stories and poetry as well as the usual fiction. Everyone has different tastes, and as I am leaving my books for others to read, I would like to make sure there is a book for all.

I’ve owned this novel for quite a while now and I’m super determined to start! I’m sure as soon as I get used to the writing I’ll love it. I have a particular interest in reading classics. I haven’t seen the movie/tv adaptations for this book, so everything I read will be new and fresh to me.

Enjoy your week guys! I’m off to a good start, I plan to enjoy the days as much as possible. What are you guys reading right now? Comment below! 🙂

Happy Reading,


Kat xx

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