About Sense and Sensibility

Okay, just wow. This book is definitely a must read.


I love the way the story develops, and how it compares the way both protagonists respond to situations. And I love the detail in thoughts. I mean, I found Wuthering Heights go into the same detail so I think it might be just the style of writing? I’m not sure, I’m not a writer (I wish I was).

I found it difficult to keep up with all the different characters; there’s so many! Well, maybe it’s just the connections between them and how they all tie in with each other. It was good though, it kept me focused on the story.

I think as it’s a classic, I was glued to the pages because I found the characters so interesting. Does it ever make you wonder, were people actually like that during that time? It did for me. It makes me want to research (I’m such a nerd, I need to calm down, haha).

Overall I think this book exceeded my expectations. Even if you aren’t used to this style of writing, try and read through it! The ending is so worth it and the plot twist at the end is my favourite. 🙂

Who’s read Sense and Sensibility?Who’s your favourite character? What did you think of it? I’ve seen mixed reviews so I’m curious to talk about it with others to see what they think. Comment your thoughts below!



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