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Happy Friday guys!

I like to leave notes in the books that I leave out in the world so that people know why I leave these books, where to find Books That Wander, and how to become part of this awesome project 🙂 The idea IS to show where the book goes, which is why I leave my details in a personal letter. They can share their pictures here online for the rest of the world to follow the books’ travels.

This book was actually not too bad. Okay, I say that as if I were anticipating it to not be that good. I’ll admit, I was a bit worried about how I would go reading it, but I was also super keen. I love art, and I didn’t learn much about Monet in school as I didn’t further my studies in visual arts, so I was somewhat interested in learning about this famous artist.

Monet, as I DID anticipate, was a bit dry. It was as if I was back at school studying for an exam, finding myself not comprehending some bits straight away like I used to with a text book. That’s okay though. It didn’t dull my interest as much as I thought it would because I found the facts about Monet himself so interesting! He’s quite a character.

As it wasn’t that easy to read, I did appreciate the break up in the book between the story of Monet’s life and his art. Having the book share those two aspects as separate parts made the book what it is, I think.

I will say though my favourite part about this book is that it has pictures! Not too many so that it made me feel like I was reading a children’s book, but enough to reference Monet’s art at different times throughout his life.


Hope you guys enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!


Kat xx


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