Hardcover vs Paperback. What is the big deal?


So, it’s quite amusing how I’ve noticed (since starting my blog) that some people are so obsessed with either hardcover, or paperback books. I’ve found Bookstagram accounts dedicated just to one or the other.

I did a poll online with a few people. I was curious to compare preferences. 45% of the people who took the poll prefer paperback, due to it being easy to carry around, feeling more personal and nicer to read all round. 35% prefer hard cover, due to it being more durable, and its aesthetic on a bookshelf. The other 20% didn’t really mind either, as long as it’s a good story.

Some of those who prefer the paperback version of a book, also like having hard cover, but it’s more expensive and a bit more bulky, which is why they prefer paperback most times.

In saying that, I thought I’d list the pros and cons between each one just to compare, in case you yourself are wondering whether to get a paperback or hard cover version of a book.


-They’re cheaper to buy
-Easier to cart around than a hardcover
-Easier to hold, especially when reading on the go
-The cover’s corners can dog ear very easily
-If you bend the cover there’s no turning back
-the book itself can misshapen


-Cover is sturdy and more durable
-Protects pages better
-Better binding
-Expensive AF sometimes
-Bit harder to carry around or store somewhere; it’s bulkiness is inconvenient.


What do you think? Do you have a preference or are you like me and don’t really care? I will not lie, price is probably the only defining factor at the moment when I buy a book. Comment below your preference!


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  1. For me, it has to be paperback, though I can’t quite explain why – something to do with the soft cover, easier to flip the pages and it just feels indescribably nicer in my hands. And of course, it’s usually significantly cheaper!

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