About The Blue Between Sky and Water


I just want to say straight up – I LOVE THIS BOOK.

It’s such a journey from start to finish. I love the eloquent writing and how I can easily place my imaginary self with the characters as if I am watching it happen right in front of me.

I love the structure of the way the book was written. The chapters are short, and are set out to make it super easy to read. It’s not a book you finish in a day and definitely not something you rush to get through. It is also not a book that drags on forever. I finished this in 3 days?* I was mainly reading it on my commute to work and in my lunch breaks (I never get whole days to read books though I wish I did).

It was very interesting seeing inside another culture, through literature from an outsider’s (my) perspective. I love reading stories about people and experiences from other countries. I have a travel bug and books that show me things outside of our westernised culture always inspire me and have me in awe.

The novel had me feeling so many emotions and I think that is what makes a great book. The books that make you want to laugh, cry, resent and fall in love all in one go, show that they know how to connect with their audience.

10/10 would recommend. I never give any actual ratings, as I’m a noob, but I most definitely recommend good reads. This book made me feel welcome and like I was re-reading an old favourite.

To whoever picks up this book when I leave it, you’re in for one hell of an adventure.

Happy Reading!


Kat xx





*Please bare in mind I’m reading at a faster pace, not as fast as some people but I know people do think my reading is fast.




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