About A Modern Detective

Can you believe it’s Friday already?! I’m super happy about having only 4 days this week. AND, I’m actually not doing lots of crazy things this weekend! I could actually sleep in on Sunday, haha. By the way, Sydney people, is anyone going to Supanova this Sunday?


So, on the topic of A Modern Detective. I have mixed feelings about this book!

I quite like the story, and the darkness of Poe’s writing. BUT, I’m iffy, about the writing itself when it comes to certain characters. I’m not unleashing spoilers, as I hate ruining it for those yet to read it. I did honestly find it hard to read around 50% of the book when one certain character talks for a period of time. Don’t get me wrong, what he says is interesting, but maybe because there’s less paragraph spacing, I find it hard to focus?

I really did enjoy the stories. As much as it was harder to read in some moments of the book, I found the development of the detectives’ findings so interesting! Putting it into perspective, there’s a lot I wouldn’t have thought about if I was in their place as a character, so the creativity in this book had me thoroughly impressed.

Another thing I loved was, there was two stories in the book, not just one like most fiction novels. It had a sequel and both stories lasted about the same time. I like the even break in it, and the relations from the sequel back to the first book.

Have you already read this book? What do you think of it? Did you find yourself struggling to read some bits like myself? What did you think of the stories?



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