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Happy Fri-yay!

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Lemme tell  you guys, I’m happy I get to share my views on this book. Wow it’s pretty darn good. I love that it is definitely Aussie with regards to the characters in the stories and the hilarious outcomes. It hits home and is relatable being Australian myself.

The only downside about this book is I didn’t like the selection of stories for the beginning of the book. I feel like there was a few in the middle and end that could have been utilised well, to start the book off with a bang! That could be just me personally though, as I am aware everyone has a different sense of humour.

I think as it is a collection of short stories, it’s very easy to put down and pick straight back up again. You can finish a story, go away for a few hours and come back later to start a fresh one. It’s great as you don’t have to try and remember where you left off like you do in a novel.

I’d love to see what non-Australians make of this collection. It would be fascinating. Alex, I’m giving you a shout out here, letting you know I’ll send a copy of this book over to you in ‘Murica. I know you’ve been keen to read it so let me know how you go.

It will be interesting, finding a place to leave this book. I have to decide: do I leave it somewhere for the locals to enjoy, or do I leave it somewhere, where there is many tourists to pick up and explore a new world of Australian entertainment? What do you guys think?


Happy Reading!


Kat xx

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