About The Dealer


So. This book has accomplished exceeding my expectations, by about a mile.

It is so good! I actually cannot praise it enough! The Dealer was well written, had the perfect style of characters for a good and easy read. The chapters have their own unique style for the first half of the book as well, which kept me intrigued to see how the book would progress.

I think the downside to this book is that when I first approached the book, I thought it was something less humorous, so I think the cover gave off the wrong vibe. But hey, they do say not to judge a book by its cover.

I feel like it is a good pick me up type of book to have on your shelf. I find myself imagining it a great re read every once and a while, as it isn’t an overly large book.

I bought this for $2.95 and I can definitely say that it is worth way more than a few dollars!


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