About Stealing Snow

I have always loved YA fiction. I’m not sure if the target market for YA considers those in their early 20s. I haven’t looked into it much, but I feel it’s definitely worth having something like this to read for an easy pace. Especially if you’re not a reader and are looking to start somewhere. I highly recommend YA fiction.


Stealing Snow is a nice example of good YA fiction to help trigger your love of reading. I fell in love with this story. The tale is unique and has vivid descriptions that transport you to Snow’s world.

It was super easy to read. Like I mean, super easy. The words flowed so beautifully. I found myself losing track of time – I actually almost missed a stop on the way to work one morning! As it is so easy to read, I can sort of tell that this was meant for a younger audience. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have a change in pace when you’re reading so much like myself.

I find that the best thing about this book is that it seems like a great influence for creativity. Seeing younger people read this book would make me pleased. Even for people at my age to read a book like this, it’s encouraging for us to take a step back from the real world and embrace our imagination, have some fun.

I hope that whoever finds this book where I leave it tomorrow, enjoys it as much as I did.


Happy Reading,

Kat xx



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