This Week’s Book (#11)


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I had a tough decision this week on choosing what book to read. I have such a huge pile I’ve decided to just work my way down to the bottom, starting from the top of the pile.

Ulysses by James Joyce just so happened to be that book at the top of my ever growing book tower. It’s another literature classic.

I will admit this book does have my attention on a large scale. Did you know Ulysses was banned from America and the UK when it was first published? Apparently it’s one of the more famous books due to this. The main reason why it was banned was it featured adultery in it.

When you put it into perspective, it makes sense. It was early 1900s when it was first published, adultery was at the top of the no-no list along side murder, probably.

Is there any banned books that have sparked your interest to read? Or, used to be banned, I should say, haha.

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