******I would like to mention as always these are just my opinions on the book but felt I should mention this again with this particular post. I don’t usually go into this much analysis as I like to keep my opinions brief, but this book literally blew my mind.*******


Okay, straight up, I did not enjoy reading this book at all.

I am a huge lover of books. I especially love the classics. That is my current obsession at this point in time. With that in mind, this book, Ulysses, has been the hardest book to read that I’ve encountered yet. 

Rewinding a bit, I’ve heard Ulysses plays a huge part in literature, and was even banned from the US and the UK (for adultery) when it was first published in 1922. This really enticed me to read this book and I thought it would a great book to have as part of my blog and all the fun things I’m doing with books.

I still think it would be great to put out into the world because I’d love to see what everyone else thinks of it. This book, is definitely a masterpiece. In my opinion, a masterpiece in ramblings and bull poop. 

The whole time I was reading this, I really, really tried so hard to get into the story, but I don’t know if it’s just the different writing style, or if it’s all the unnecessarily descriptive paragraphs, but it was just dry.

One of the main things that really annoyed me, is that IT HAS NO DAMN QUOTATION MARKS! Until I researched a bit, I didn’t not know you could use a “-” for quotation at the beginning of speech in a book. Maybe it’s just cause I’m a millennial, and have never read or come across books that use a dash instead of inverted commas, I don’t know.

What makes it even more interesting is that, apparently someone tried to put in quotation marks instead of the dash and it just made it even harder to read Ulysses.




So I guess, with that said, the dashes are better and I just need to stop whinging, but it did really throw me off with being able to focus while reading.

The internet claims that Joyce chose to use the dashes for dramatic effect and it did indeed, have a dramatic effect on his story. I’ll give that to him.

Aside from my obsession with the zero quotation marks, I feel like the story has some sort of linear direction, but most of the time I felt it was going no where. I felt really lost and found that I had to start the book again after I hit page 39. Once I started again I pretty well speed read the book.

His writing style is definitely not what you’d pick up on a regular basis from a book store nowadays, and maybe it was a really popular style in his time, who knows.

It’s a bit sad but I’m still trying to find ways to like this book. haha. I’m trying to be open, and accept the book for what it is, which I do. It just does not interest me at all.

Have you read Ulysses? Did you think it was a waste of time or did you thoroughly enjoy reading it? I’m so interested to know. 

For the person who picks up this book, goodluck. I’d love to see what you think of it. 🙂


Happy Reading,


Kat xx


  1. The thing that put me off the most was the rambling I think, it felt like the story was going no where at some stages. I found that there was parts in there that you wouldn’t think it was necessary? So I found myself actually dozing off because to me it was quite boring haha. I had to restart the story to get past the no quotation marks thing, but I got over that pretty quickly.
    I found that it really just didn’t flow for me.


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