About Hunt for White Gold


So this book caught me buy surprise, which is a good thing. The story involves pirates and hunting for white gold, and little ol’ me expected it to actually be gold! It isn’t. haha. I’ll leave the rest for you to ponder or research if you’re interested to know more about the story. I don’t like writing any form of spoilers, even though I technically already did just then. Oh well. Moving on!

In terms of reading this book, I found it okay to read. Like I didn’t love it, but it was still readable for me.

The story itself is adventurous as you would expect from a pirate novel. I found the characters easy to follow, and it had parts that kept me intrigued about where the story was going. I could imagine myself being a part of this world at the time it was set in, which is awesome because I love historical fiction novels for that part.

I think it would have been nice for the protagonist to have more of a set up at the beginning of the book, as I felt there was a lot of focus on introducing all the other characters (which is great) but there was not enough attention on Captain Devlin for me.

I did find myself bored with some of the book, going in and out of focus with the different chapters, but it did have various elements here and there in each chapter that kept me reading. I think it was more so with certain characters that I found myself losing interest. Throughout the whole book it was pretty calm as opposed to it being a sea storm that I expected it to be; the blurb on the back did hype me up. 

I think a super positive thing about this story though is that the treasure itself isn’t as the book title states, and the Authors’ notes show which parts actually happened in history and which didn’t. I thoroughly enjoy learning true facts about the stories that I’m reading.

Overall it’s a decent read, I don’t mind it, but it’s definitely not a book I would by my own copy of. But that’s okay cause we all have different tastes. 🙂

I’m giving this rating thing a go. I usually don’t rate books but I think I’ll try it out and start doing it from now. I rate this book 3 stars out of 5.




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