A Review for: You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News

I laughed at the very first line I read in this book. I’m actually adding an extract from Booktopia.com.au, cause I think this book is amazing! Everyone should read it, learn that the chances of getting stuck halfway through elevator doors and being ripped in half when it goes up is a likely situation, and you should never believe what people say about waiting 30 minutes after you eat before you go swimming.


Alexander Fleming was not the first person to discover penicillin.

The adorable-looking duck-billed platypus is actually a poisonous killer. We don’t really swallow eight spiders a year in our sleep. And a zombie apocalypse could happen. From the extremely popular humour website Cracked.com, these punchy articles, written with its typical irreverent humour, will enlighten, fascinate and terrify you in equal measure. Packed with a huge range of intriguing facts about horrifying bugs, mythological beasts, illegal cheeses and deadly trampolines, You Might Be a Zombie will make you question what you thought you knew and fill you in on the facts that were too disturbing to teach you in school.

This witty collection of trivia is perfect for those who hate to be wrong and love to shock their friends with their knowledge of hilarious and astounding facts.

From Booktopia.com.au


Now that I’ve read this book I will not stop quoting the facts I have discovered. 😂

This book, from start to finish, really keeps you entertained and intrigued the whole way through. The humour is most satisfying. I am actually going to buy a copy to keep on my bookshelf, for when I have friends come over I can show them awesome things from it. 🙂

I feel it’s very well written and structured. It was a quick book to read because the facts were straight to the point and chapters were sectioned nicely. I loved the funny illustrations too. It took me about, probably 2-3 days to finish this book? That’s collectively over the week, at my own leisure. I didn’t feel pressured to finish this book by today either to leave it somewhere tomorrow. It’s set at a lovely pace to read.

The only real downer, about this book is that there is only one thing about the title “You Might Be A Zombie”, and the rest is “and Other Bad News”. Actually now that I think of it, it isn’t really a bad thing at all. Wow, Kat, make up your mind! Yes, I do now think that I quite like the huge variation of interesting facts.

Over all, I really, really, liked this book. I’m rating it 5 out of 5. I bought it online for $8 but it is definitely worth heaps more.


Thanks Cracked.com, for the entertainment and the now unconcealed truth of the fact that we are all explicitly doomed because humans sometimes don’t know shit.


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