This Week’s Book (#18)

Hello everyone! I’m a bit late with starting the week’s new book. Here’s to hoping I can finish it before Friday!

This next one I’m reading is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.


I read this in year 9, and the most I can remember is that Huck was a funny little kid and as we took turns in reading it in class, our English teacher had a breakdown (I can’t remember her reason though). I kinda want to laugh about it now because I can relate to her, now that I’ve grown up a wee bit. Adulting is hard. I can’t imagine having to deal with teenagers at the same time! Lord help me when I’m a mother, haha.

This will be like re-reading The Secret Garden for me; as I read it will bring back memories and I’ll recognise certain parts of the story as I go. I’m keen to read it more so to see how different it is to what I remember it to be.

Hope you guys have a great start to the week!


Happy Reading,


Kat xx

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