Top 5 From Books That Wander This Year

Hi Guys!

Thought I’d share my favourite picks from the selection of books I’ve read so far this year for Books That Wander. I’ve read quite a few interesting ones so I’m excited to share with you my top 5 and why they are my top 5!



A Blue Between Sky And Water

This book is such a storyteller. It literally transports me to its world and I couldn’t keep my nose out of the book. So much emotion and detail, but not too much to turn me off. Enough to keep me on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next part.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.13.09 pm


You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News

So this is in my top 5 because it’s such an awesome read. It’s like, textbook info but written so nicely that you can pick it up and just read whatever part, whenever, and be satisfied by what you read. It has awesome pictures in it too! Hilarious and quality content.



The Dealer

I didn’t realise this was comedy until I started reading it. I think it was probably better that way cause unexpected humour always cheers you up more. It has melodrama mixed with mystery and its quick to get through. I like that although it’s quick, it doesn’t leave me wanting more. I am thoroughly satisfied with it.



Memoirs of a Geisha

Another amazing story teller that takes me to its fictional world. It is literally so fulfilling to read this book. I feel like I’m experiencing Sayuri’s life as if I were her, and feel all what she would feel in the book. It brings the pages to life.



Sense and Sensibility

A lot of people find the classics boring, and I’ll admit, I found this boring to start with. It goes on and on and you’re kind of sitting there like, so where am I going with this? But the ending, oh gosh that ending, blew me away. Now that I’ve fully read the book, and now that I look back on it, I realise how much I actually enjoyed it, as a comfort read. It is a great book if you just want to sit there and live through the characters in the pages.




So there you have it! Those are my favourite books that I’ve left out in the world, to date. Have you read any of these books? What do you think of them?





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