A Review for: Speak

Hey everyone! So it didn’t take me long at all to get through this book. I like these types of books as they are time consuming enough to keep you hidden in their world for a while, but quick enough for you to be able to get back to your normal routine. Speak, is exactly that type of book and it’s awesome.



She cannot run. She cannot walk. She cannot even blink. As her batteries run down for the final time, all she can do is speak. Will you listen? 

From a pilgrim girl’s diary, to a traumatised child talking to a software program; from Alan Turing’s conviction in the 1950s, to a genius imprisoned in 2040 for creating illegally lifelike dolls: all these lives have shaped and changed a single artificial intelligence – MARY3. In Speak she tells you their story, and her own. It is the last story she will ever tell, spoken both in celebration and in warning. 

When machines learn to speak, who decides what it means to be human?


What I really like about this book, is how connected everything is. Louisa seems to keep the relevance to each memory alive, making it easier to bounce between and connect the relationships between everyone and MARY3. The chapters jump quite far from memory to memory, so it would of course be essential to keep us on board with how it’s all related.

I find the chapters in the book keep the story fragmented, which makes it more robotic, and flashback-y. It’s literally as if I’m looking into the computer’s “mind” so to speak, and putting pieces of it’s life together. It’s almost like I’m working on the algorithms of the robot myself as I read the book.

I wouldn’t keep this book on my shelf, personally, but I definitely recommend this to read whenever you get the chance as it’s super interesting and a unique story. I rate this book 4 out of 5. 


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