A Quick Catch Up – (Book’s #22 & #23) And This Week’s Book (#24)

Hi everyone! I have been on holidays the past two weeks in Japan! If this blog wasn’t just about books I’d be posting about so many things I did while I was there, and I still can though, but just in the comments below. Feel free to ask away 🙂

So while I was away I read two books – Grimms’ Fairytales by The Brothers Grimm, and The List: A Love Story in 781 Chapters by Aneva Stout. I’ll post the reviews for those some time before the end of the week, as well as this week’s book, A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White. 🙂

Each one of these I didn’t have much expectation but have surprised me for sure, especially The List. I’m still getting through A Place at the Table and so far I am loving it.

Can’t wait to get my reviews back on track for you all to check out.

Happy Reading,


Kat xx

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