A Review for: Grimms’ Fairy Tales

Ahhh fairy tales. We love them. Everyone does. I know I definitely would love a little cliche happy ending with prince charming or something exciting happening in my life, wouldn’t you?

Though to be fair we wouldn’t love or want to live in a fairy tale world if we knew how Grimm the stories really are (pun intended). Yes, growing up they forget to mention those little details about no, actually, they don’t always get happy endings. I guess that’s how it is huh, you have to grow up in order to realise things aren’t as they seem, haha.

I enjoyed reading Grimm’s Fairytales, visiting old favourites and seeing how the story actually pans out. I didn’t get to read them all as I was overseas indulging in Japanese foods and crepes, but I did get to read most. I don’t think I have a favourite from the Grimms’ collection either, though there was a few that really caught my attention. 🙂

I think the biggest surprise was how short the fairy tales are! I guess as a child you think that stories are big and amazing and don’t pay attention to how long it actually is. It was definitely something very noticeable. The other thing is, they aren’t as “grim” as people boast them to be.

The tales themselves were great and they haven’t lost their excitement, even reading them as an adult. I feel like I couldn’t dive deep into them as much as I would with a novel and get lost in the fictional world, but I think that has something to do with how short they are.

Over all, I really do love them, and think they are a great pick me up when you want some nice and simple comfort reading. It’s easy to just pick whatever tale you feel like reading as opposed to choosing a whole book to read. It’s especially great if you feel like escaping adult responsibilities for 5 minutes to relive your childhood for that small moment. 🙂

4 out of 5 stars from me.


Happy Reading,

Kat xx





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