A Review for: A Place At The Table

Hello everyone, happy hump day! And for those who live in Australia, happy yes day! Today is very important and meaningful to a lot of Aussie LGBTQIA+ individuals as our national opinion poll for same sex marriage results finally came through and the result was a big fantastic YES! Now it’s just time for our government to get their s*** together and get it legalised 😀 Love is love peeps, always has and always will be, just, love. 

On a bookish subject, however, here is my review for A Place At The Table by Susan Rebecca White. 🙂


Three outcasts longing for home come together at Manhattan’s Cafe Andres, a chic gathering place for New York’s cultural illuminati. 

Alice Stone is famous for the homemade southern cuisine she serves at Cafe Andres and her groundbreaking cookbook, but her past is a mystery to all who know her. Upon Alice’s retirement, Bobby Banks, a young gay man ostracized by his family in Georgia, sets out to revive the aging cafe with his new brand of southern cooking while he struggles with heartbreak like he’s never known. Seeking respite from the breakup of her marriage, wealthy divorcee Amelia Brighton finds solace in the company and food at Cafe Andres, until a family secret comes to light in the pages of Alice’s cookbook and threatens to upend her life. In her most accomplished novel yet, Susan Rebecca White braids together the stories of these three unforgettable characters who must learn that when you embrace the thing that makes you different, you become whole. 

This book took me a little while to read, even though I really, really enjoyed it. It has an awesome story but I wasn’t continuously on edge waiting to see what happens next, which can be a good thing. I like a good read that I can put down and just pick up where I left off.

The story in this book was brilliant. There was two main protagonists that I felt matched really well. While I was reading the story of the second protagonist, I was thinking to myself that I have no idea how this person is going to connect back up with the other. In the end everything just fit perfectly with a third very important protagonist who brought it all together.

The plot touches a lot on self-acceptance, same sex relationships and racism, which does play such an important part in our world today and it felt good being able to read A Place At The Table at such a time where I feel the themes are so relevant.  

Overall I can without a doubt rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. It literally only JUST didn’t make the 5 star mark for me, but it is still an amazing book.

Have you read this book? Comment what you thought below!


Happy Reading,


Kat xx


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