A Review For: The Walking Dead – The Fall of the Governor

Hello! Hope everyone is everyone having a great week! I’m so sorry this review has been delayed, but we’re here now so we can progress :D.

I left The Walking Dead out a couple of weeks ago on an adventure with my sister while I waited for my car keys to turn up (I left them in my grandparents’ car so we were stranded for a couple of hours). It was a very walking dead-esque trip, making it more authentic and enjoyable.

The book itself was pretty good, though not something I would keep on my bookshelf as it’s not my kind of read. That’s personal preference, I’ll add. Still a good book! Here’s the blurb:

Woodbury, a gated compound offering food and protection, should be a safe-haven against the monstrosities that are the Walkers; undead who amble across the land. But greater things threaten the inhabitants under the tyrannical rule of The Governor. 

In the final installment, all the threads and mysteries of the first two books will come together in a tour de force of action and horror. Iconic characters from the comic book will finally make their entrance onto this nightmarish stage. And readers will experience a terrifying finale befitting the cultural phenomenon that this great series has become. 


While this book was definitely action-packed, I found it jumped quite a bit too much, to the point where I had to go back a couple of pages, a few times, to see if I missed anything. In saying that, I DID feel like I was in a head space where I might actually be chased by zombies and in survival mode, processing everything at once so I only remember half of it 😅. So it can be said you are getting the real experience!

It’s a small enough novel to enjoy when you want something easy. Perfect to read on transport or out in the park on your lunch break due to the writing style being quite simple.

I did appreciate the representation of characters in the story. They were articulated enough to be pictured clearly while reading and they weren’t over done or stereotyped.

I would recommend reading the previous novels in the series though, I personally didn’t realise this was another installment placed after other books. Now you guys have a heads up!

Overall I give this book a 3 out of 5 star rating, as even though it’s not a favourite of mine, it still passes as enjoyable. 🙂


Happy Reading!

Kat xx


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