Book Club Update and Next Meeting(s)!

On November 16th we held our first BTW Book Club meeting!

Our month’s pick was The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, a fantasy novel that took us on epic adventures with Geralt of Rivia (the Witcher), Dandelion the Bard (Jaskier), Yennefer of Vengeberg and many other friends in their world of monsters and magic.

The members of the club collectively thought it was a great pick leading up to the release of The Witcher series on Netflix. We all loved that the short stories gave us an in depth insight to the Witcher’s universe and how it all began.

Each month, the members of BTW Book Club have decided to do a different genre, so that’s how we will continue to do so!

January’s pick was Ice Station by Matthew Reilly, following the theme of Australian authors, and February being the month of love, inspired us to choose the romantic Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

Our next meeting will be tomorrow, Saturday 29th February at 10am AEDT over at

For tomorrow’s meeting we will be discussing Ice Station, and then in two weeks time on Saturday 14th March, we will be discussing Me Before You in a catch up book club meeting!

Even if you haven’t joined our book club on Goodreads yet, you’re more than welcome to join the conversation or even just listen in on the day.

Make sure you’re following all the socials, either @booksthatwander or @justkatisfine on Insta, Twitter and Facebook to get notified when the meeting is live.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Reading

Kat xx

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