February Book Club Update and Online Meeting(s)!

Now that we’re getting into a regular routine with our bookclub, it’s starting to really take off! It’s still a bit too frequent at the moment, but after this next meeting it will slow back down to once a month.

On Saturday 29th February we had our book club meeting online, (you can watch the recorded live stream here) and we got to talking about our last read, Ice Station by Matthew Reilly.

It can definitely be said that Reilly is worthy of his Best Seller title. Collectively we agreed it was a very well written novel.

At certain stages in the story, some of us thought it could have used a bit of a break, whereas the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed the jam-packed action the whole time. No matter what was next, it had you turning page after page until all hours of the morning, where people (me, I am people) were like “I don’t need sleep I NEED ANSWERS!”

Another thing we loved is how obviously well-researched it was and how Reilly intertwined those facts with some pretty cool fictitious adventures, and even though we knew some things weren’t real, he still made everything believable.

Overall, yes, it was a great pick amongst the members and everyone found it a satisfying read. I, for one, am going to continue reading the series! Scarecrow and Mother are way too cool to not know what happens to them.

NEXT UP, we have a meeting as per follows for Me Before You, our romance-themed pick for February –

When: 10am AEDT on Saturday 14th March (next week)
Book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Where: twitch.tv/justkatisfine (live streamed with member engagement through chat)

ALSO, I’m excited to announce that the March YA Fiction-themed read of the month is The Alchemyst by Michael Scott! Make sure you pick up a copy or even borrow one from the local library to join the conversation. Add this one to your calendars too – it will be held on Saturday 28th March with more details to come! You can also join our Good Reads group here to stay up to date with discussions.

See you guys next weekend for some book club fun.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Kat xx

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