April/May Book Club Meeting(s) and Update!


Book club has been an amazing way to cope with everything going on the world and is proving to be a fulfilling distraction. We’ve been keeping it steady and everyone is finding the monthly themed reading assortments to be awesome.

At the last meeting we had, we all discussed our thoughts on the previous pick – The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. It’s the first book in the series of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and for a Young Adult novel, it has definitely earned its title as highly recommended.

As a YA book should be, The Alchemyst is an easy yet exciting read. We even had a non-reader join book club this month and find this novel quite doable! Collectively everyone was pretty impressed with the plot and the characters. We also decided as a group that we’re not a fan of Josh (no spoily spoils but he’s a whiny teenage character and we eye-rolled ourselves into one chapter after the other, right until the end).

For the next book club meeting, which is literally tomorrow, we chose to BOO (Bring Our Own) comic/graphic novel/manga. The reasoning behind this decision is that there is SOOOOOOO many different and amazing books in this genre that we simply could not chose just one.

Here’s the details for the next meeting if you’d like to join the conversation or just casually lurk in the shadows and listen in!

When: Saturday 9th May 2020 (tomorrow)
Time: 5pm AEST
Where: Facebook! (We’ve moved to a more easily accessible platform for all – I host the meeting through a live vid and you join the comments!)
Click here to be taken to the Facebook page and make sure you LIKE to get notified when the meeting goes live. In the future, we will be making events on Facebook for notification purposes too.


Hope to see you there, and happy reading everyone!

Kat xx


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