Book Club Update!

I finally got to have my first meeting back with you all last Sunday 12th December and boy is it good to just chat books again!

We have been live streaming and will continue to live stream over at my Twitch page, as it has been an easy form of gathering for everyone – please feel free to join us the next meeting! If you love all things books, want to join the book club or literally just want to chat/listen in on our views for the current read, the easiest way to do that is to just simply follow my page. DISCLAIMER – I livestream all sorts of content so it’s not *strictly* book related. I’ll never turn a conversation down about any book though!

I think it was a collective thought that we loved loved loveeeeedddddd Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, and it was definitely worth the winning vote from book club last month. It’s such an easy-to-read and epic retelling of the legend of Achilles. It definitely deserves its title of a Modern Classic and I’ll be looking out for a hardcover version for my collection! I’ll also write a more in depth review for Song of Achilles soon so keep your eyes peeled.

November and December Book Club Picks of 2021 Photo Credit to

Our next choice for book club is Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix! I’ll admit straight up that I actually chose this without consulting the club – a little sneaky on my behalf, but I couldn’t not choose this book – it’s a satire horror based in an IKEA-like store and even the book itself (on some pages) looks like an IKEA magazine. Um, hello! It’s an obvious choice.

Our next meeting will be held in January on Sunday the 9th! Make sure if you’re keen to join, grab yourself a copy of this book! More precise details for the meeting will be posted soon but in the meantime, get to reading!

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