A Review For: Song of Achilles

I think it might be because i have been spacing out my reading lately but it seems like this is one of the better books i’ve read in a while! It was a captivating read and definitely worth it’s title of a modern classic!

Song of Achilles is a great fictional story based around the myth, the man, the legend himself, and his rise and fall with fame. Madeline Miller did an amazing job at portraying the tone that a Greek Myth should be told in and needless to say that I’m super impressed with the epic story telling style of writing she has wonderfully succeeded at. The characters were really well represented and I found that i was fascinated with the banter between some characters – specifically Odysseus and Diomedes.

Picture of Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – Photo taken by Booksthatwander

I find that Song of Achilles is actually a great touch up on Greek Mythology for anyone who is particularly looking into Achilles’ story, without it being too detailed and for those who read more for leisure. It covers the basics enough for you to get a grasp of the general story and it’s easy enough to differentiate between the myth and the retelling aspects.

I won’t lie – I am a bit confused with which demographic this book should be targeted towards; it seems to be quite a light read just like a Young Adult book would be, but the actual contents of the story seem like it should be rated at least a New Adult or Adult fiction? To those who have read this, what do you think?

I don’t think I found a single part of this book boring as well – I am left so pleasantly surprised with the whole novel. It’s definitely one of my new favourites to recommend!

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