January Wrap Up

Being the first month of the year, I feel that my reading consistency has been pretty good. I’m taking a few things into account here – I’ve chosen to restart a few projects in 2022 while also starting up a couple of new ones, including this reading challenge. I actually have no idea how I’ve been managing my time but hey, we’re here now so I won’t be asking any questions!

I’ve managed to read 4 books this previous month which includes a paid review. I think for my 2022 reading challenge I will be keeping those paid reviews separate to the books I read for this blog/book club/leisure. It will be an interesting comparison to come back to at the end of the year. For now, here’s the titles I got through in January:

A picture of the Horrorstor front cover – taken by Booksthatwander

HORRORSTOR by Grady Hendrix
This was December’s pick for BTW’s Book Club and I hadn’t finished the read so it carried over to this month. I think it’s a fantastic and enjoyable satire horror – there was a great balance of both satire and horror. The book had great stereotypes and the depiction and growth of the characters throughout the story makes it worth picking up a copy!

A picture of the Comfort Book front cover – taken by Booksthatwander

I picked this as the current Book Club read because it’s described as a hug in a book and it’s exactly that plus so much more; it’s not structured like your usual self help book and is full of so many things – lists, quotes, sayings, experiences, life lessons – it goes on. I cannot express how much I recommend everyone picking up a copy of this book. Please please please do it! It warms my heart.

A picture of Muse of Nightmares front cover – taken by Booksthatwander

Hands down, such a great series. I feel like it will be continuing on with the story line into at least one more book and I hope that’s the case because I couldn’t get enough of Muse of Nightmares! Laini Taylor has created an amazing world that is worth delving into – I would rate this high up with the Throne of Glass series – great story and character depth and I love the relationships and friendships that have been built and continue to build. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Laini please give me more!


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