To Be Read in February

I learnt my lesson in January to not be ambitious with trying to read so many books within a month – given that I have my new mum-of-two lifestyle and adding too many hobbies to my schedule has already overwhelmed and exhausted me beyond reason, I’ve decided to reduce my TBR pile for February. Well, sort of. Last month I aimed for seven, this month I’m aiming for five. There’s not really that much difference, so maybe I haven’t learnt my lesson after all. Five is definitely more achievable though as I did read four books last month – let’s see how I go!

On the TBR list we have:

Kat’s TBR Pile for Feb 2022 – taken by booksthatwander

For those who follow my socials, you’ll have seen me reading this book already, and while I think I’ll knock this one over, it’s definitely a book that requires more focus to follow, therefore slowing my reading down. Don’t get me wrong, I find it super interesting to read, I just like to digest what I’m reading properly. Who knows, maybe February will be the month that I actually finish it!

IT ENDS WITH US by Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover has been super hyped in the past twelve months and so far having read Ugly Love, I do like her work. It’s good reading for when you want a distraction and to be completely engulfed by a book. This particular title however, has had really mixed reviews, so I’m keen to give it a go to form my own opinion.

LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov
This is the book club pick of the month so of course, it’s on the TBR! I think most avid readers are sure to know that the content of this book is controversial. I have heard the writing is amazing though, which in my personal opinion makes it great for a book club discussion!

This novel had come up in the search results when I was in the process of purchasing Lolita – I had never heard of it before. It’s about reading forbidden western classic literature in Iran. I love reading a good memoir. The positive reviews definitely contributed to my decision to purchase and add to the TBR pile.

THE GUNSLINGER (Dark Tower Series) by Stephen King
This book has been on my to-read list for a long while – since the movie adaptation was released, actually. I had watched the movie and thought the plot was interesting enough to dive into. If I enjoy this book, I’ll be adding the rest of the series to my 100 book reading challenge this year!


  1. That is a winsome list right there. I stopped at book four of the Dark Tower series, and Lolita was so beautifully written, despite the topic. Would love to know what you think! Thanks for sharing!


    • Yeah so I heard it’s supposed to get better from Book 4 and is a bit dry at the beginning? I’m curious to see how far i get. I’ve heard the writing in Lolita is amazing, I can’t wait to dive in and read it. Thanks for sharing too!


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