A Review For: Horrorstor

I’d like to start this review by saying this book is not my usual read (as of this day, to be fair, as my tastes do change over time) but its uniqueness piqued my interest. To come across a satire-horror book formatted and published similar to an IKEA magazine is definitely something a book collector or book nerd would aspire to own! It makes for a great marketing/selling point so well done to Grady Hendrix for that part. I’m not saying this is the only book that is like this, but it is the first I’ve come across. If you know of any other uniquely formatted/published books to Horrorstor, please drop them in the comments below! I’d love to check them out. The book collector in me will be super excited!

Hendrix’s style of writing in Horrorstor is nice and easy to follow but remains complex in interweaving themes together, making it literary art. I didn’t catch my mind wondering, because reading the story was enjoyable and didn’t require me to focus on the context behind the words. It’s a straightforward book that manages to entertain and encapsulate the satire-horror theme to a tee. The narrative and dialogue parts of the book paired beautifully, and even made me laugh where they married up in stating the obvious events.

A Picture of Horrorstor sitting on a bookshelf, taken by Booksthatwander

Although this is a novel making jest of a typical horror story that involves friends and staying over night in store, it was still thrilling and terrifying! Where I was laughing at one point in a situation that the protagonists found themselves in, I was also anxious for them to make the right decisions and terrified about what they were experiencing. Holy heck it was a wild ride! With reference back to the writing, Hendrix articulated moments and character thought processes so well that, I truly felt like I was witnessing these moments in real life! While I know it’s fictitious, I did not sleep easily afterwards. (I am a scared-y cat though; seasoned horror readers may not find this so scary.) I most definitely do not want to be late night shopping at any furniture store now.

I think that regardless of what type of reader you are, this book is worth picking up just so you can say you own it. It’s so cool, unique and creative, that having a copy on your book shelf will satisfy even non-book collectors. I of course, recommend reading it too!

What’s your thoughts on Horrorstor? To read or not to read? To collect or to not?

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