This blog is purely to help spread enjoyment in reading.

The idea is for me to read a random book, talk about it online, leave it in a random place for someone to find and read, and then they would pass it on too.

IF you come across one of the books I leave lying around the place, please read it, then leave it in a new location for someone else to find. Take a photo of the book where you leave it, then email the picture and a small blurb written by yourself to booksthatwander@outlook.com. The blurb can be about anything to do with the book, from how you encountered it to how its made you feel to what you think of the book.

I’ll then share what you send me, on to my blog for the rest of the world to see how awesome books are and their impact.

Literature is a beautiful thing as it can take you on journeys far from reality but also help you understand more of the world and all its mysteries.


I hope you look forward to this webpage as much as I enjoy creating it.


Kat xx